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Are we ready for eight more years?


John nix

By the time you read this my wife, Michele, and I will be in Cleveland, Ohio for the start of the Republican National Convention. Michele is serving as a Delegate for Congressional District One for the great state of North Carolina and I am going as a guest. We are going as a team to represent the will of the people of North Carolina.

Our form of government in these United States of America is a republic, not a democracy. A democracy is “mob rule,” whereby the majority rules, often likened to two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner.

Conversely, a republic protects all citizens, including minorities, through a Constitution that allows inalienable rights so the minority is not trampled on by the majority. A republic is governed by rule of law; all persons having equal rights and opportunities.

Apathy and ignorance is at an unprecedented level. The unemployment rate is reported to be around 5.5 percent, yet statistically false since those who have stopped looking for work are left out of the analysis. The labor participation rate hovers around 60 percent. Nearly half the population is hooked on subsidies. Government has become their provider, and a way of life. Government jobs paid for by taxpayers keep tons of worthless programs in play with zero oversight.

It is not government’s responsibility to provide or create jobs. In a healthy economy, jobs are created by the private sector, a byproduct of minimal government interference.

The level of corruption at the federal level is out of hand. We watched FBI Director James Comey give a reluctant announcement exonerating Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information just a few days after her husband privately met with U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix. Lynch then refused to answer any questions the next day in a Congressional oversight hearing. Comey laid the groundwork for perjury charges against Clinton but Lynch refuses to cooperate with Congress and should resign. It is reported the FBI agents working on the Clinton case were made to sign an unprecedented non-disclosure agreement.

It is obvious that Hillary Clinton is being protected and there is a double standard. I’d like to get the rights to a book deal when Comey comes clean.

Our republic is worth fighting for. You don’t win battles in the comfort of your home yelling at the TV. This November election is do or die for the preservation of liberty inside our borders. Many veterans are homeless. The veteran suicide rate is 22 per day. They do not get the care they deserve. Yet an illegal alien crosses the border from Mexico and we’ll give them food stamps, subsidized housing and a drivers license.

What a shameful tragedy! Yet our president strives to make it easier for illegal aliens from Mexico, Asian and Middle Eastern countries to become instant citizens while disrespecting those who have naturalized through proper procedure and rule of law.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for eight more years of lies and corruption, eight more years of wealth redistribution, eight more years of turning a blind eye to radical Islam and eight more years of open borders. It also means giving more authority to the United Nations. It means our Constitution will not be honored. It means there will be an assault on the Second Amendment because she has promised this. An unarmed society cannot protect themselves against a rogue government and Hillary Clinton understands that.

So what’s it gonna be? Crooked Hillary, a would-be felon, the master of cover-ups, whose only plan is to occupy the White House? She has about as much respect for our Constitution as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg. Voting for Hillary Clinton is like digging your own grave and seals the fate of generations to come. She cannot be trusted and must not be the elected president or we shall lose our republic.

Donald Trump knows how to fix our financial woes, put people back to work, straighten out the welfare system, understands the American dream and wants everyone to flourish no matter the social status of that person. He understands the international trade problem and has a plan to fix it and will build a border wall and enforce the rule of law. He will restore our military. He respects the Constitution and will make America great again!

Let us all pray for our nation and ask God to guide us through these tumultuous times. We all must do our part to protect and preserve this great republic. We can begin by reading, understanding and defending our Constitution and always stand up to corruption.

John C. Nix is the co-founder and partner of Matrix East, PLLC Professional Land Surveyors. He is also the president of the CSS Neuse Foundation and was the lead plaintiff of Nix, etal v. Eric Holder (for the reversal of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act). He can be reached at nixcjohn@ The views of the guest

columnist are not necessarily those of The Free Press.

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